$10 Million Worker Misclassification

Jan 31,2014

Did you know that five years ago a group of newspaper carriers filed a class action lawsuit against the San Diego Union Tribune for worker misclassifcation?

The 1,235 carriers claimed they were entitled to reimbursements for car insurance, mileage, and other expenses. This month a ruling was made regarding the worker misclassification.

A recent article by Staffing Industry Analysts states that a California judge awarded $4.95 million to the class for unreimbursed expenses. The judge also awarded $6.16 million to the attorneys on the case.

The Union Tribune’s practices of instructing and supervising the carriers daily, led the court to find that the paper had been treating them as employees, but classifying them as independent contractors. When a worker is misclassified as an independent contractor, he or she is not subject to California minimum wage and overtime protection laws.

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By Knowledge Services | Jan 31,2014

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