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Mar 17,2014

In today’s economy, government entities of all sizes are relying on the experience and flexibility afforded by a contingent workforce. But there’s one problem: it’s hard to find and manage contract labor on your own.

You need a partner that provides government solutions. No matter who you work with, you want to make sure they can streamline your processes, increase controls and reduce risks, and save you time and money. That’s what we all want, right?

Different Managed Service Providers (MSP) accomplish these in a variety of ways, but we thought we’d take a minute to share how we do things.

Who We Work With

Here are some of the governments we work with:

Our Services

Every client has a dedicated team to help them define and execute a plan to create workforce solutions. To meet the unique needs and regulatory demands of government agencies, here’s a sample of what we provide:

MSP and VMS programs

  • We act as the point of contact for procuring temporary labor and are responsible for managing the contingent labor program. The program utilizes dotStaff™ VMS technology to manage all processes and track data on program performance. This minimizes the time spent engaging contingent resources and ensures compliance with state policies and procedures.

Employer of Record (EOR) Payrolling

  • As the EOR, our team conducts all pre-employment screenings, administers payroll and benefits, assumes all statutory tax liabilities, and manages all HR responsibilities. This comprehensive solution mitigates risk and provides additional costs savings of government-identified resources.

IC Compliance and 1099 Risk Mitigation

  • We understand how government entities can unintentionally violate Federal tax laws and face significant tax assessments, interest payments and back payment of retroactive benefits. Our team works with government agencies to develop processes and policies that ensure compliance with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements to reduce the risk of IRS audits and penalties.

Job Title Normalization and Rate Research

  • In our assistance with the creation of job postings, we align all job descriptions with associated qualifications and experience levels with the state agency’s job classifications.This increases the overall quality and speed of resources to normalize titles and descriptions across the enterprise.

If your organization is looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency (most are), then working with a MSP that provides government solutions is a great option.


By Knowledge Services | Mar 17,2014

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