Knowledge Services Awarded Home & Community Based Surveys in 2021

Dec 01,2021

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – In September 2021, Knowledge Services (KS) was awarded the NCI-AD Survey for two Midwestern states. Knowledge Services delivers important survey solutions to multiple government agencies. This is a key opportunity for Knowledge Services to innovate and provide new solutions for Americans from every walk of life.

The National Core Indicators-Aging and Disabilities (NCI-AD) is an initiative designed to support states’ interest in measuring the performance of their programs and delivery systems to improve services for older adults and individuals with physical disabilities.  NCI-AD is a collaborative effort between ADvancing States and the Human Services Research Institute. The NCI-AD survey is used by over 30 states. NCI-AD’s primary aim is to collect and maintain valid and reliable data that give states a broad view of how publicly funded services impact the quality of life and outcomes of service recipients.

The KS Commitment

After hearing about Knowledge Services experience with the NCI-AD survey collection, a health institute from a midwestern state requested information regarding Knowledge Services’ ability to administer the survey for their state.

Historically the NCI-AD survey was exclusively a face-to-face survey. In 2020-2021 Knowledge Services piloted performing the survey over the phone for a separate midwestern state. Based on analysis, Advancing States and HSRI deemed phone surveys are a valid modality for data collection.

Knowledge Services facilitates and streamlines the State’s survey process using their secure technology, dotStaff™. Knowledge Services can handles the entire survey collection process, from research, design, and testing, or any component. The KS team structure is outlined below:

The Nine Step Process

Knowledge Services Solutions follow a 9-step timeline grouped into 5 different categories: Development and Design, Administration and Collection, Data Analysis and Report of Findings, Project Management, and Technology Functionality. The KS timeline is below followed by our surveying process:


  1. Customized Survey Development
  2. Tailored Survey Website Design
  3. Survey Construction
  4. Survey Administration
  5. Real-Time Data Display
  6. In-Depth Data Analysis
  7. Personalized Feedback and Reports
  8. Intervention Strategy Development
  9. Specialized Training


Secured Technology: dotStaff ™

Knowledge Services utilizes our own technology, dotStaff, when conducting surveys. dotStaff allows users to do the following:

  • Track call outcomes for real-time status tracking of participants and scheduling optimization.
  • Participant mapping functionality to most efficiently schedule the next appointment based upon participant location, interviewer location and travel times from previously scheduled appointments.
  • Interviewer check-in/check-out and location validation functionality to gather data on average appointment length for in-person surveys and validate interviewer and participant location for in-person survey.
  • Custom form building to allow for forms to be created and captured within the dotStaff™ mobile app, like a custom consent form for in-person surveys.
  • Easy integration with maps in dotStaff™ mobile app for directions to each participant home based upon current location of Interviewer.

Image: dotStaff Location View

By Todd Taber | Dec 01,2021

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