Job Seekers Choose Fulfillment Over Cool Offices (and 2 More Stories You Need to Know)

Jul 14,2014
Job Seekers Choose Fulfillment Over Cool Offices

Job Seekers Choose Fulfillment Over Cool OfficesThe latest happenings in MSP, staffing, recruiting, and the job market all in one place. Here’s what you need to know:

Job Seekers Choose Fulfillment Over Cool Offices

An international poll conducted by Monster reveals that job seekers are much more interested inprofessional fulfillment than cool or innovative offices when considering a new role. Visitors to Monster site were asked the question, “Aside from salary, benefits, and location, which of the following would most likely attract you to a new job?”61% of respondents answered “The opportunity to work in an industry I’m passionate about”, while only 3% answered “An innovative office design”. There were over 2,400 responses.


Recruiter Turns Disability into an Advantage

When it comes to recruiting, most people would consider blindness to be a disadvantage. However, David Hume, blind since birth, thinks about it differently.“I get an advantage in recruitment because I am not hung up on a person’s presentation. Each person has an aura based on the way they present themselves verbally,” says Hume. He has been in the recruitment industry for over 30 years and is now Principal at HR Network.Watch a video of his story here.

Staffing Firm to Pay $1.6 Million in Back Wages

B & D Contracting Inc., a labor recruiting and staffing agency along the Gulf Coast, has agreed topay $1.66 million in back wages to1,543 current and former employees. According to the Department of Labor, investigators found the company violated the Fair Labors Standards Act by “mischaracterizing certain wages as per diem payments and impermissibly excluding these wages when calculating overtime premiums.”

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By Knowledge Services | Jul 14,2014

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