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Between aging infrastructure, perpetual maintenance, and developing the “rules of the road” for the future of transport, motor vehicle and transportation agencies are stretched thin. With so many core citizen-facing initiatives, transportation and DMV departments need partners who understand how to get work done.

Outcomes at Work

Pave the Way for Innovation

From project management techniques to new citizen-facing tools that eliminate long lines at the DMV, transportation and motor vehicle organizations have begun leading the way in digital transformations. As we turn towards autonomous vehicles and mobile tools for engagement with the public, it’s time to ensure we provide teams with the tools they need. With the Knowledge Services technology solution, your field-based employees can finally have the tools to get work done whenever and wherever they are.

Get More Work Done

The volume of data available around our roads and drivers is devouring the processing power of our state and local transportation agencies. But even as we turn the page into the age of digital transportation, so much of what the industry does is still done on paper. While the physical tools to do work in the field are widely in use today, the many digital applications that empower teams have yet to be deployed. Knowledge Services’ people-first technology solutions empower your field-based workers with a digital-first path to achieving their mission. Whether in the heart of the city or the farthest reaches of the state, your team will have the tools and information to get work done faster and more efficiently.

Stop Fraud in Its Tracks

Billions of dollars are regularly spent on transportation infrastructure, contractors, and more to keep citizens safe. But with so much money being spent, the opportunity for fraud and negligence becomes an increasing reality. The Knowledges Services solution is built to prevent fraud from the start. Our people and technology automate the billing and payment process to ensure the state receives services as promised before contractors are paid. We leverage the latest technology to validate service delivery, protect the taxpayer, and limit the administrative burden placed on public servants and contractors.

We Demand On-Demand Talent

The nature of the work done by transportation and DMV departments often creates surges in demand throughout various times of the year. These seasonal or on-demand needs cause enormous stress on civil services organizations to both recruit and quickly onboard talent, often leaving agencies to sacrifice process efficiency or even talent quality along the way. Knowledge Services provides government agencies with the tools to attract and engage the on-demand workforce. Through the power of social networking, our Knowledge Services Gig for Government solution provides government agencies with access to a low-cost, highly available, fully compliant solution to on-demand talent management. These on-demand solutions not only provide government entities with the resources to get the job done, they serve to introduce millennials workers to public service.

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Knowledge Services has had the pleasure of improving workforce management in agencies, organizations, and state and local governments of all sizes.

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