Public Works

Public Works

Undertake Large Projects With Innovative Tools and the Right Talent

The far-reaching objectives of public works efforts impact the quality of life, safety to citizens, and economic viability of our communities. From the water we drink, bathe, and cook with to our parks and public buildings, developing and maintaining public infrastructure requires a committed set of partners.

Outcomes at Work

Master Increasing Responsibilities With Modern Tools

Public works organizations find themselves responsible to attract modern investments in their community. Simultaneously, these agencies are being forced to maintain (or improve) the condition of a crumbling infrastructure and have an ever-increasing role in emergency planning and response. These snowballing responsibilities with limited resources require organizations to operate at maximum efficiency. Knowledge Services is committed to delivering technology that empowers people. Our technology solutions are focused on enabling your employees and contractors with the tools needed to complete their work in the field. We know that the biggest challenge in managing a distributed team is validation and communication, and our innovative technology solutions provide teams with crucial notifications and collective KPI metrics.

Make Sound Investments Based on Data

With ever-tightening budgets and increasing citizen expectations, public works programs must make investments based on accurate and timely data. Yet, getting timely access to critical data is challenging in an environment that too often relies on paper processes or siloed data. To make better data-driven decisions, government entities need immediate access to data from the field. Knowledge Services has partnered with public works agencies to deliver real-time access to field data on location, safety, performance, and productivity of public and private resources delivering services. Immediate access to critical performance data enables leadership to deliver more services at lower costs.

Gain Clarity with Transparent Contract Management

With increasing responsibilities, public works organizations are turning to private sector organizations to deliver both construction and maintenance support. The contacted services government engages with the help of alleviating the administrative burden for public sector leaders, but too often, they’re just replaced by new frustrations in managing contracts. Since 2007, Knowledge Services has supported government agencies with the people, tools, and processes to manage all types of contracted engagements. Our program administration and contract automation tools ensure that public sector agencies get the most out of taxpayer dollars. With a transparent fee structure, there are never any conflicts of interest when you engage with us.

Big Projects Get Done by People

The large projects that public works agencies traditionally take on require a large and diverse set of skilled resources. Yet, attracting the unique talent to complete these projects is often beyond the capabilities of public sector human resources teams who are held back by antiquated processes. To get the most out of the limited resources, agencies need a partner with experience in providing government entities quality talent with as few roadblocks as possible. Knowledge Services delivers a broad range of options to deliver contract, full-time, and on-demand labor for public works agencies. With the increasing influence of the shared economy, more and more workers are seeking one-time or short-term “gigs” that allow them to engage in the type of meaningful projects public works agencies undertake. Through the Knowledge Services Government Talent Cloud and MSP services, getting the right people in place and validating their performance has never been easier.

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Knowledge Services has had the pleasure of improving workforce management in agencies, organizations, and state and local governments of all sizes.

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