Public Safety

Public Safety

Prioritize Public Safety With Advanced Tech and Quality Talent

As weapons become more advanced and criminal activity becomes more spontaneous, ensuring public safety through modern technology is crucial. At Knowledge Services, we give you access to the data and talent you need to keep our communities safe.

Outcomes at Work

Ensure Greater Safety with Data-Driven Reporting

Data-driven policing, which leverages data to predict crime, dramatically reshapes how agencies think about technology’s role in ensuring public safety. These systems rely on data from decades of incident reports to provide insight into future public safety needs based on past incidents. Looking ahead, the next revolution will be leveraging micro trends and real-time data to identify immediate threats. The key to providing relevant data to first responders is capturing and analyzing data during the shift. At Knowledge Services, this means using technology to capture incident reports and other case-relevant data electronically in the field. Beyond improving the immediacy of information, field data collection reduces duplicate data entry and allows public safety officials to spend more time in the community serving and protecting the public.

Bring Tech Innovation to the Community

Public safety organizations are in the thick of the growing necessity for advanced technology including body cameras, defensive strategies, integrated records management, and interoperable communications systems. Leaders must figure out how to integrate these unfunded mandates and technological advancements into their agencies while ensuring they produce tangible outcomes for their communities. Even with the progression of public safety broadband networks, first responders shouldn’t have to rely on data connections to keep themselves and the public out of danger. At Knowledge Services, we’re committed to supporting our public safety partners by delivering solutions that benefit the community.

Achieve Better Public Safety Through Integrated Data

It’s a new era for public safety organizations, and transparency, organizational accountability, and community relations have never been more important. The fragmentation and duplication of efforts between public safety, social services, and other partners can create real threats to our communities. To address the expectations of a vigilant public and reduce the threat of fragmentation, public safety agencies must engage in well thought out data sharing engines. Knowledge Services delivers secure access to critical and sensitive data, enabling our public safety partners to meet the demands of their communities and engage with sister agencies to better protect and serve.

It Just Got Easier to Get the Right People to do Tough Jobs

Public safety jobs have always been inherently dangerous professions. The threats facing public safety today have a real impact on the government’s ability to attract and retain dedicated professionals across agencies. Critical budget cuts tend to create stagnant wages, reduced benefits, and strain on the ability of public safety organizations to retain the professional resources that keep our communities safe. Solving the challenges of attracting and retaining vital public safety talent will require new tactics. Knowledge Services is an experienced partner with an arsenal of solutions for delivering talent for the modern public. Our teams can help your organization create and execute on a social recruiting program that infuses millennials and fresh talent to your organization. Together, we can reduce attrition by creating opportunities for public safety professionals to leverage their skills for on-demand “gigs” that meet the needs and lifestyles of more workers.

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