Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Use Your Resources Wisely

As our population continues to grow, preserving the beauty and health of our natural resources is a priority across all levels of government. Developing trusted partnerships with private industry organizations that are capable of supporting both conservation and disaster recovery is an important part of ensuring our natural resources are sustained.

Outcomes at Work

Get Work Done in a Whole New Way

Energy and natural resources agencies engage with hundreds of thousands of outside contractors to deliver resources and services in support of critical programs. Historically, the distributed management of these contractors and service providers has been difficult. With our experience managing contracts for hundreds of agencies, Knowledge Services has the experience and tools to ensure that government contractors deliver at the right price. Plus, as more and more millennials enter the workforce, having a program in place that speaks to their desire for on-demand assignments is critical to engaging them and fostering an interest in public service. At Knowledge Services, we have deployed a secure and compliant solution to meet the need for on-demand, socially-accessible government assignments.

Streamline Data Capture and Management

As organizations like the National Governors Association continue to push for incentive-based programs for resource management, those who do the best job of delivering data in a meaningful way will capitalize on incentives and advance their initiatives. Capturing data digitally at its origin reduces costs, improves quality, and enhances the ability to tell a compelling story. At Knowledge Services, our programs focus on capturing data at its source and reducing the burden of transcription or duplicate entry. Whether you’re battling invasive species or evaluating the integrity of pipelines, securing data digitally from the start eliminates lapses and inconsistencies, allowing administrators and policy makers to act with certainty and urgency.

Get Work Done—from Anywhere

The nature of the work in natural resources requires federal, state, and local agencies to deploy their teams to even the most rural locations across all 3.8 million square miles of the United States. This broad deployment of resources to both disconnected and connected environments necessitates the need to access information, capture data, and validate services whenever and wherever you are. At Knowledge Services, our technology solutions are designed to support federal, state, and local resources in the office and in the field. By allowing your teams to take their work with them into the field, you can reduce duplicitous activities and improve the quality of services delivered by both government employees and contractors.

Cut the Cost of Compliance

Energy and natural resources agencies are continually tasked with balancing the conservation and productive consumption of our natural resources. Maintaining this balance makes consistent monitoring an absolute must. Compliance and monitoring of government assets and private industry represent one of the largest budget items for our energy and natural resources agencies. In many cases, the cost of compliance is nothing short of overwhelming. By giving your workforce the tools to be more efficient, Knowledge Services can reduce the cost of monitoring and compliance to enhance your agency’s ability to deliver on its mission.

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