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Preemptively Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Today, regulatory and licensing agencies are on the front lines of nearly every controversial new technology and are being called upon for answers. Headline-grabbing challenges and transformations like data breaches, the gig economy, and the internet of things (IoT) all demand balanced solutions—and experienced partners.

Outcomes at Work

Improve Safety Through Government Transparency

Citizens often learn about lapses in enforcement too late. Overdue or deceitful investigations can result in substantial dangers to the public in limited food supply, the safety of assisted living centers, and or the integrity of bridges. In the past, the tools that provided visibility into regulatory enforcement were cumbersome and poorly designed. With Knowledge Services' expertly engineered technology, licensing and regulatory agencies can have unparalleled insight into the performance of inspectors and contractors. Through location (GPS) and service validation, management now have the ability to know the time, location, and results of inspections as they are completed.

Stay Nimble With Greater Access to Data

The speed at which new technologies enter the marketplace present regulators with new challenges they must swiftly address. Do you risk regulating to early and stifling innovation? Or risk waiting too long and disrupting consumption? The key to making nimble decisions is having access to the right information. Knowledge Services’ solutions are designed to provide government partners with digital-first data collection for investigators and regulators in the field, thus improving the speed and accuracy of your data. By understanding how regulation is affecting the marketplace, regulators can act in a more agile fashion to protect the public and promote economic growth.

Reduce Backlogs With Efficient Tools

When workforce cutbacks occur, licensing and regulatory agencies are directly impacted in the way they conduct inspections. With fewer inspectors and more regulations, critical inspections are often postponed. In order to protect the public, agencies needs the tools that enable inspectors to better leverage their limited resources.. At Knowledge Services, our focus is on developing and deploying efficient solutions to help diligent public servants. Our technology solution drastically reduces the time inspectors spend on things like duplicate entry, drive time, research, and administrative tasks. By reducing time spent off-mission, Knowledge Services empowers your team to reduce the backlog of inspections and improve public safety.

Attract the Best Talent for Big Gains

Engaging talent that has the skills and objectivity to conduct investigations or support regulatory actions is difficult in an era of pay freezes and benefit reductions. That, combined with cross-generation workers, licensing and regulation agencies face a steep challenge that requires a partner who understands the complexities of regulatory environments and how to attract specific talent. Knowledge Services has delivered contract, on-demand, seasonal, intern, and full-time resources in support of regulatory agencies since 2007.

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