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High Tech Talent Solutions for Government and Industry Innovation

Government and private industry technology teams need partners who can deliver more—not just more of the same. As a technology organization here to serve our clients, Knowledge Services delivers high tech talent solutions to help governments and commercial enterprises transform how they do business.

Outcomes at Work

Get the Most Out of Your Data

Getting the most out of your data starts by capturing the right data. Secure electronic data capture is the cornerstone for enabling data-driven decisions. Even in the digital age, many of our most critical services are delivered in a paper-first environment. Not only is the paper-first world expensive and inefficient, it also dampens government’s ability to leverage data for better services. Through native tools and intuitive design, Knowledge Services' technology solutions entice users to capture data digitally first, reducing redundancies and maximizing the quality of your data, all while in a protected environment. Capturing, transmitting, and storing government data requires a commitment to security, which is why Knowledge Services’ software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution complies with NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 4.

Innovate with Confidence

Innovative solutions don’t need to be risky or expensive. At Knowledge Services, we deliver secure SaaS solutions that cater to your customer’s needs. As a SaaS provider, we embrace the opportunity to consistently enhance our technology solutions and embed them into our services portfolio. Our solutions are uniquely engineered to solve the challenges facing the public sector. We develop our product enhancements from the feedback of hundreds of existing agency users and deploy them in an iterative fashion to provide maximum innovation with minimal disruption. As we deploy these new solutions, the Knowledge Services team utilizes agile deployment strategies that promote adoption—not only allowing you to realize a faster ROI, but fostering a culture of innovation to benefit you and your citizens in the long-run.

Increase Your Return on Investment

Ensuring you get the most out of your investment in contractors or vendors is a full-time job—one that isn’t staffed in IT or procurement organizations today. Knowledge Services’ people, processes, and technology allow our customers to save time and money managing their employees, contractors, and vendors. Because we manage procurements across all levels of government programs, we understand how critical transparent processes and results must be. With transparent access to data on the performance and costs of technology resources and projects, your teams can turn their focus back to delivering the best programs and services to citizens. Knowledge Services’ combination of best-in-class technology and industry expertise adds automation to your workflow, providing an efficient and compliant solution to managing IT labor and projects.

Secure the Right Talent, Right Now

With a wave of retirements on the horizon and challenges with attracting IT talent, government entities need innovative solutions to secure the best people. Not only must government IT organizations begin to backfill the gap left by retirees, they need a workforce equipped with 21st century skills. As millennials enter the workforce at rapid speed, governments need a new approach to attracting this talent, instead of relying on outdated recruitment methods. Our innovative approach to attracting and retaining talent has consistently delivered the resources that government technology departments need. Whether through our extensive network of IT service providers of our Government Talent Cloud, Knowledge Services expertly and innovatively introduces new talent into the public sector.

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