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In the midst of an opioid epidemic, limited funding, and a healthcare worker shortage, Health and Human Services (HHS) departments are in need of secure transformational solutions. The ever-increasing caseloads in the HHS industry demand efficient solutions. From dedicated people to superior technology, Knowledge Services allows HHS agencies to empower their frontline employees with the tools they need to deliver the best care.

Outcomes at Work

Validate the Quality and Safety of Your Care

Knowledge Services’ secure and flexible SaaS technology focuses on providing HHS workers and clients with the tools to coordinate care so you can achieve the best outcomes. Our team is not only focused on ensuring coordination of care, but also on validating its quality. Now more than ever, we are champions of transparency and safety in complete service to the citizen, combating fraudulent practices across the industry. Fraud and abuse in the HHS delivery system impacts the ability to deliver services to those in need. At Knowledge Services, we’re committed to delivering service validation and data that reduces fraud and improves service delivery. Plus, the Knowledge Services solution complies with NIST SP 800-53 Rev. to keep your HHS information secure as you regularly capture, transmit, and store data.

Better Data, Better Outcomes

Knowledge Services’ solutions help caseworkers, administrators, and providers to access real-time case data so decision-makers are armed with the information they need to make the best decisions. By improving the speed with which data is collected, distributed, and utilized, your workforce is empowered to efficiently deliver the best care. For government leaders who struggle to manage the ever-increasing volume of cases, staff, and contractors assigned to them, Knowledge Services provides visibility into the location, quality, and timeliness of services. With the right data, administrators can make the right decisions for improved outcomes in our communities.

Solve Modern Problems with Modern Solutions

For too long, HHS organizations have invested in technology solutions that have under-delivered on their promise to transform HHS delivery. But gone are the days of large monolithic systems. At Knowledge Services, we focus on delivering smart, nimble solutions through a combined people plus technology approach that addresses the core challenges facing your HHS workforce. Knowledge Services' technology delivers improved coordination of care, reductions in service backlogs, and improved outcomes. By empowering your frontline case workers and providers with access to the innovative tools, we can reduce the time spent on administrative trappings and increase the time you spend delivering life-changing services to our most vulnerable communities.

The Right Talent, Right Now

The HHS workforce faces many complex challenges in government, making it difficult to retain talent. Knowledge Services has consistently equipped state government agencies with the best talent for eligibility determination, and clinical and temporary needs across the HHS delivery system. As government entities seek to engage millennials, developing new tactics for attracting and retaining talent is a must. The Knowledge Services Government Talent Cloud helps you create a secure, transparent, and compliant approach to easily engage with the largest pool of on-demand talent.

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