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Save Time and Money With Automated Workforce Management

Today, finance and administration teams must be equipped with a broad understanding of the challenges facing government in order to deliver on mission critical initiatives. At Knowledge Services, we make it our mission to provide you with secure and transparent solutions that help you meet every need your agency might face.

Outcomes at Work

Gain Ultimate Transparency with Contractor Management Tools

Providing immediate and accurate data on how decisions are made and the results of those decisions are critical to meeting citizen expectations. That’s why transparency portals, performance hubs, and requests for data have never been in higher demand. Knowledge Services helps governments meet that expectation by not only capturing data accurately at the source, but also through robust, customizable reporting that allows you to get quick and accurate access to the information you need. Traditionally, contract management has been a grueling game of documentation and auditing. In today’s world of smaller, smarter government, effective contract management requires automation and a reliance on technology to ensure citizens are getting what they paid for. Through GPS technology, check in/out services, route optimization, and other innovative features, Knowledge Services has delivered the tools necessary to help ensure that government contractors are held accountable to their deliverables.

Get the Right Data at the Right Time

As the custodian of taxpayer dollars, finance and administration agencies must have the information to validate that government entities are performing in a financially responsible manner. Yet, finance and administration teams are often asked to make critical decisions with incomplete or inaccurate data. At Knowledge Services, we ensure that data is captured at the source to empower stakeholders with the ability to make mission-critical decisions with confidence. As finance and administration duties become more and more remote, the ability to capture and access data on-the-go becomes progressively more important. At Knowledge Services, we give you the tools and access to data you need regardless of your location.

Balance Tech Automation with Human Interaction

With the use of agile procurement and cooperative contracts on the rise, it’s time to leverage a proven partner who can navigate the balance between innovative processes and rigid policy. The Knowledge Services team has been leading finance and administration departments through change for the last 10 years providing insight into best practices from around the country. With limited procurement resources, government agencies must be smart about how and where they allocate their teams, as technology alone cannot replace the need for smart resources to make sound decisions. At Knowledge Services, we take a comprehensive approach to deliver both technology automation and superior professional services to help our government partners better serve their communities.

Human Resources for Human Resources

State HR Departments have broad responsibilities—yet, they’ve traditionally been limited in what they can do to attract talent. Attracting the best talent in government requires an ever-evolving approach.. Knowledge Services has worked with government agencies since 2007 to develop innovative approaches to attracting temporary, seasonal, on-demand, intern, and full-time resources to public service. Our teams partner with state human resources teams to ensure delivery of talent that complies with government statutes, regulations, and union contracts. With a primary focus on government workforce, we are seasoned experts in delivering the right resources to the right government positions.

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