Knowledge Services Announces FedRAMP Ready Designation

Federal Government

Streamlining Federal Services

Today, federal agencies are on the front lines of big-ticket modernization projects to keep up with the private sector. Headline-grabbing challenges and transformations like cybersecurity, the gig economy, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) all demand balanced solutions—and experienced partners.

Outcomes at Work

Our solution supports the full lifecycle of consortium management providing mission acceleration and ongoing technology scouting that can be applied for both product and service acquisitions. 

We provide our clients the ability to configure their survey needs by utilizing our solution for any or all phases of the survey process. With our project management approach and cloud-based technology, we ensure our government clients have the data and information needed to improve results and drive outcome-based decisions.
Our team applies its expertise to provide our clients with options for strategic business process improvements resulting in the ability to execute their mission more effectively. We customize the solution to meet our clients’ objectives by managing, employing, assuming business functions, measuring performance and/or delivering full-time service.

As the MSP, we partner with our clients to manage the:  

  • Procurement of services, from acquisition to invoicing 
  • Recruiting, vetting, and onboarding of vendors 
  • Recruitment, mentoring, and development of set-aside vendors 
  • Performance management of all vendors  

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Knowledge Services has had the pleasure of improving workforce management in agencies, organizations, and state and local governments of all sizes.

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