Knowledge Services Announces FedRAMP Ready Designation

Federal Government

Streamlining Federal Services

Today, federal agencies are on the front lines of big-ticket modernization projects to keep up with the private sector. Headline-grabbing challenges and transformations like cybersecurity, the gig economy, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) all demand balanced solutions—and experienced partners.

Outcomes at Work

Advancing Sustainability, Inclusion and Affordability

Using the latest in cloud/mobile capabilities, we have reimagined and delivered to governments more efficient and effective, NIST compliant, service delivery solutions.  As stewards of public trust, our solutions provide accountability, governance and contract/vendor service activity validation.  With demonstrated experience of improved grants management, transparency and governance, our solutions improve how contract work is delivered and empower those delivering services with relevant, real-time information.  Our solutions provide consistency in service delivery as well as accountability.

We Serve Those Who Serve Others

Our NIST compliant cloud/mobile solution provides agency workers and its contractors, connected or disconnected, with GPS based electronic data capture to quickly and easily validate service assessments and delivery.  We eliminate manual, inefficient and error prone paper-based processes while also providing improved service governance, information access and data and reporting accuracy.  By reducing process complexities and reducing administrative and bureaucratic burdens, governments are better able to help individuals and communities by more quickly responding to and delivering needed assistance in times of need.

Use Your Resources Wisely

Preserving, protecting and restoring the beauty and health of our natural resources is and should be a priority of society and across all levels of government.  We have developed a trusted partnership with hundreds of government agencies across the country and have a proven our ability to support conservation and recovery efforts when unexpected disasters occur.

Expanding Best Practices with Strategic Partnerships

With 25 years of proven government contracting experience, we know the meaning and the value of developing and maintaining deep-rooted, value-driven partnerships.  Transformational partnerships are the foundation of our organization and we continually strive to develop new while advancing existing teaming agreements.  Driven by strategic goals and long-term outcomes and using agile development methodologies, our partnerships have resulted in disruptive innovations that are secure, efficient, transparent and scalable.

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Knowledge Services has had the pleasure of improving workforce management in agencies, organizations, and state and local governments of all sizes.

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