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Nothing is more critical to our future than delivering results in education. Success will be determined by how we prepare the next generation, and it’s time we look beyond the tools and processes of the past to deliver on our future.

Outcomes at Work

Automate Educational Workforce Operations for Greater Innovation

With the confluence of technology and innovation in our classrooms and campuses, it’s troubling that we still rely on processes and systems from long ago to manage our educational workforce. Between remote instructors, adjunct faculty, substitute teachers, and contractors, there hasn’t been a consolidated automated process to ensure we get the best results for our investment until now. Knowledge Services’ teams and technology provide savings, increased efficiency, and quality talent to government agencies. In 2010, our first educational institution leveraged our managed service provider (MSP) team to reduce the cost of acquiring talent using automated tools to validate service delivery.

Show Tangible Proof of Success

In both higher education and K-12 institutions, success and funding are reliant on tangible proof. Governments, parents, and donors are no longer willing to “take our word for it” when it comes to delivering a return on their investment in liberal arts educations. In today’s world, assessments and surveys that report on the economic and social results of our education investments will help determine success. At Knowledge Services, our teams and tools focus on capturing data at the source to increase the speed of reporting and improve decision making. Our experienced survey management practices are focused on maximizing the effectiveness of survey administration in order to improve response rates and data integrity.

Reduce Educational Roadblocks

Educational Institutions are faced with an ever-growing list of challenges, including classroom size, poverty, student apathy, parental indifference, bullying, and of course, budgetary constraints. As government institutions seek to address these challenges, they require trusted partners who can help eliminate the clutter and allow teachers to focus on educating. At Knowledge Services, we’re focused on helping eliminate the administrative hurdles that delay the engagement of classroom educational resources. Our program teams take on the burden of ensuring transparent and compliant acquisition of services so you can stay focused on achieving educational outcomes.

Build the Next Generation of Talented Professionals

Today, students enroll in higher education for a number of reasons, including improved employment opportunities, increased salary, better working conditions, and more. Yet, the gap between getting a good education or not continues to grow even as educated millennials take their first steps into the workforce. Knowledge Services partners with both higher education and government institutions to launch programs aimed at connecting graduates with public and private sector opportunities. Engaging today’s workforce demands a new approach that leverages the technology and social connections that the emerging workforce embraces. Knowledge Services is the first to deliver an on-demand talent cloud specifically designed to address these educational needs for a thriving and knowledgeable workforce.

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