Importance of Executive Buy-In and Engagement When Implementing an MSP Program

Dec 02,2015

The procurement process is over, and the Managed Service Provider (MSP) is selected and awarded. Maybe you already have the initial executive buy-in for implementing an MSP program, but have you thought about why it so beneficial to get executive buy-in and engagement?

Below are four reasons why executive buy-in and engagement when implementing an MSP program can be incredibly beneficial.

  1. Process Involvement: We realize that managers are busy and may not have the time to be involved in the entire implementation of an MSP program. However, it’s important for executives to be involved in at least the kick-off of the implementation process. This will ensure that their questions are answered and that the program is set up effectively from the start. By overseeing the initial start-up, executives can provide insight that will help to eliminate potential issues from starting.
  2. Departmental Insight: If executives are engaged from the beginning, they can provide valuable insight into how different departments in the organization should work together during the MSP program implementation process. If an implementation tactic calls for assistance from others, executives can provide information on who to speak to in another department and how to best coordinate efforts to reach an appropriate solution.
  3. Financial Guidance: Financial discussions are very sensitive and may need the input of an executive, who may be able to open up doors with the finance department. By ensuring all parties are involved in the initial discussions and approval will help in reducing concerns and issues at a later date. Leadership can request that the MSP program work with the finance department with the necessary information to ensure a smooth transition and timely invoicing and payment process.
  4. United Front: When the executives, procurement staff and selected vendor work as a team and present a strong and united front, it’s reassuring and exciting for the agencies or departments and subcontractors. They know the decisions regarding the program are supported by all the necessary players and will therefore feel encouraged and secure in their work. This amounts to greater productivity and a higher quality of resources for the client.

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By Anna Bielawski | Dec 02,2015

Managed Service Providers (MSPs), MSP VMS Programs