Indiana MSP Professional Services Contract


Knowledge Services was awarded a contract with the State of Indiana after the state released an RFP that sought to procure managed service provider (MSP) services through a contractor utilizing a vendor management system (VMS) that automates statewide procurement of contingent labor. Using our in-house technology, Knowledge Services accepts requirements from the state from both time/labor and scope of work requests, provides those requirements to subcontractors (vendor network); reviews, rates, and filters candidates or proposals from the subcontractors; and provides the best candidates and proposals to the state.


Timesheet information and accurate invoicing for the resources or deliverables are also captured by our dedicated program team and provided to the state, allowing for fully transparent reporting and tracking. Training and ongoing support is provided by the program team to all end-users within the Knowledge Services’ Indiana MSP program. Our solution is configured to meet the unique needs of the state and the varying agencies and departments within it.


Contract Number:(multiple—IT, admin, and medical)

Current term:December 2018

Total term expirations:December 2021


The Knowledge Services Indiana MSP contract includes:

  • Request for services distribution and approval in all labor categories
  • Candidate submission and approval
  • Candidate ranking methodologies
  • Scalability and flexibility to meet unique agency needs
  • Subcontractor and temporary resource onboarding
  • Timekeeping and reporting (both standard and ad hoc)
  • Online search query and functions
  • Interactive web-based VMS with user-friendly navigation
If you work for a city, university, or other public entity and would like to learn more about utilizing this contract, simply contact a local Knowledge Services Program Manager or Business Development Representative at We will work with you and your organization to coordinate approval from the Indiana Department of Administration to participate in the contract. Together, we will create, negotiate, and execute a participating agreement referencing the state of Indiana contract upon approval from the Indiana Department of Administration.

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