Arizona MSP Temporary Staffing Services Contract


Knowledge Services was awarded a contract with the State of Arizona to serve as the managed service provider (MSP) for IT professional services through a vendor management system (VMS). This contract is utilized by a variety of cooperatives such as quasi-agencies, cities/municipalities, and universities and can be configured accordingly depending on the needs of each cooperative.


Knowledge Services seeks to add value, reduce costs, and increase productivity by offloading administrative duties and improving operations. We are able to manage all aspects of the State of Arizona’s contingent workforce program, including:

  • Vendor and resource management
  • Performance monitoring and management
  • Human resources/workforce management and consulting
  • Compliance
  • Requisition management
  • Recruiting
  • Interviewing
  • Onboarding and training coordination
  • Offboarding

Contract Number:ADSPO17-174599

Current term:July 4, 2018

Total term expirations:July 4, 2022


This Knowledge Services contract includes:

  • Staff augmentation and project-based consulting services.
  • Oversight and ongoing input regarding vendor network recruitment criteria and selection.
  • Configurable VMS tailored to meet the requirements of the contract.
  • Facilitation of contingent workforce procurement and resource management.
  • Candidate references, résumés, test scores, and ranking provided to the state.
  • Sufficient, competent, reliable, and properly licensed/certified candidates able to provide the required services.
  • Timekeeping, accounting, and payroll tracking and reporting.

Want to learn more?

If you work for a city, university, or other public entity and would like to learn more about utilizing this contract, fill out this form to get in touch with a local Knowledge Services Program Manager or Business Development Representative.

We will work with you and your organization to coordinate approval from the State of Arizona procurement office to participate in the contract. We will work with you to create, negotiate, and execute a participating agreement referencing the State of Arizona contract upon approval from the procurement office.

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