In defining the foundation of an effective and efficient Managed Services Provider program, a basic fundamental from our personal lives provides insight. Whether these relationships are with relatives, significant others, friends or mere acquaintances, there is one universal truth among all of them: Communication is vital for them to work and endure. Without good communication, productivity decreases. All parties must communicate their present and changing visions while continuously evaluating and working on relationships. It should come as no surprise then, that communication is an equally important feature in client/vendor relationships.

At Knowledge Services, we recognize the critical importance of maintaining effective communication when working with clients and vendors. Adhering to this philosophy, we have designed an effective system to enhance rather than minimize communication. Our method is simple: We start off by “laying out” the communication plan with the client and then providing feedback to our clients, suppliers, and employees.

Laying Out the Plan
From the beginning, we strive to develop open lines of communication with our clients, putting their needs first. As clients communicate their needs, we help to assure our understanding and assessment of their needs. In working with them through collaboration, we help to set clear expectations and objectives and define how success will be measured. This allows us to execute strategies for managing vendors, supplying resources and improving our service to clients.

Providing Feedback
In order for our people, processes, and systems to drive business impact, we regularly communicate and provide our clients and vendors with measurement and performance reports and metrics. Quarterly reviews, key performance indicators, powerful analytics, and an open competitive bidding environment allow clients to measure vendor performance, cost efficiency, and to proactively identify and communicate any business intelligence with us. Timely and formatted reports and evaluations allow vendors to examine how their performance compares to other vendors based on specific client requests.

Undoubtedly, communication is the most critical component of an effective contingent workforce solution. Even the best-in-class people, processes, and systems cannot function without effective and open communication. In laying out the plan and providing feedback, we will ensure your program will drive business impact.