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Apr 16,2012

Like many organizations, government entities have increased their use of contingent labor to augment their workforce. Several of these agencies do not currently have a centralized program nor process to reduce costs and mitigate risks. With our streamlined procurement process, governments drive compliance for business initiatives and reducing costs.

As experts in delivering contingent labor related services to Federal, State and Local Governments, we understand the specific challenges State governments are facing today.

Using the dotStaff™ Vendor Management System (VMS), Knowledge Services, as the Managed Service Provider (MSP), manages government’s contingent labor program. We establish an on-site program office to provide all state agencies with a single point of contact for all program users regarding the contingent labor program. With our hosted, on-demand delivery model, governments are able to implement our program in just six-eight weeks with minimal government effort.

Incorporating government’s specific business practices, workflows and metrics for measuring performance, our program solution provides a single platform for “req to check” management of contingent labor. The application is rolled out to all hiring managers and program results are immediate:

Cost Reduction

  • Before the MSP program is implemented, its common for for a prime contractor to use subcontractor resources who may have also come through one or more staffing firms, resulting in multiple markups. Using Knowledge Services MSP program, governments can immediately increase the number of participating vendors, without increasing administrative overhead costs. This provides a mechanism for vendors to openly compete for job requisitions in a competitive marketplace, allowing the government to benefit from cost reduction both hard and soft.

Increased Competition and Vendor Performance

  • Our MSP program implements a “Best and Final Offer” to  increase the number vendors who could directly access opportunities with the state. By allowing vendors to see the lowest submission rate and providing them with a final opportunity to win placements, the program increases competition and the performance of all vendors.


  • Prior to the establishment of the on-site program office and use of the dotStaff technology, government is unable to easily track diverse vendor spending or to measure compliance to their procurement initiatives. With our MSP program, governments now have a mechanism for tracking and categorizing spending.

Advanced Tracking and Allocation

  • During the implementation process, we develop a comprehensive set of job posting templates to define job titles descriptions, and all skills and qualifications required. In assigning contingent workers to the appropriate job description, the program office is able to track tenure and analyze spending by vendor, project, and job type. This process makes it possible to identify and avoid potential co-employment situations mitigating risk.

Through the delivery of our comprehensive contingent labor management solution for government clients, we are proud to help governments realize significantly lower hard and soft costs, improved resource quality, better vendor utilization, and compliance to procurement initiatives and visibility.

By Knowledge Services | Apr 16,2012

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