Staffing & Recruiting

Utilizing our range of human resource selection tools, Knowledge Services ensures candidates are thoroughly assessed for the required role. Once all relevant information is compiled, only the most suitable, experienced, and qualified candidates are submitted for consideration. Knowledge Services undertakes behavioral-based interviews and targeted reference checks. Work style, personality profiles and aptitude testing can also be completed.

Our objective is to clearly understand your requirements by discussing the needs and expectations of the position, e.g.: skills, technical knowledge, industry experience, academic qualifications, special requirements of the position, and personal qualities/characteristics of a suitable candidate.

Project or Contract Recruitment

When it comes to managing projects and candidates, your needs are our first priority. As a project or contract recruitment provider, Knowledge Services develops and provides targeted recruitment strategies geared towards an organization. Using our knowledge and years of experience in a wide variety of programs and projects, our cost-effective recruitment:

  • Lowers the cost-per hire
  • Minimizes the impact of employee turnover
  • Develops a foundation to build an effective employee retention program

From scheduling to resume-screening, we lead the process, communicate with candidates and take time to fully understand exact requirements in order to provide the best-suited resources for open positions. We are committed to providing you with short-term costs, a time efficient recruitment strategy, and flexibility of hire.

Contract to Hire

Have you ever made a permanent hire that was unsuccessful? The financial liability of salaried employees can pose potential short and long-term risks. We understand the risks and have developed a successful Contract to Hire program to assist with your critical staffing needs.

Our program offers the most flexible approach for organizations looking to add resources without adding the burden of employment costs. We work to develop a relationship with the hiring manager to fully evaluate and understand the requirements for a position. Hiring a candidate for a specific period of time rather than permanently:

  • Allows you to observe whether or not the candidate is a perfect fit for the position
  • Alleviates the burden of unemployment costs and benefits payments
  • Provides a flexible length of contract, allowing you to increase productivity

We look forward to helping your organization reach its critical staffing goals.

Direct Hire Recruitment

The search for your company’s next hire is often a costly and time-consuming process. Knowledge Services offers proven solutions for the complexities of full-time hiring. We’re committed to a recruiting strategy that supplies the best candidates for the growth of your company.

Through experienced recruitment techniques, Knowledge Services can drastically speed up your direct hire process by eliminating tasks that bog down the typical corporate process. The following scenarios illustrate situations organizations deal with:

  • Not receiving enough candidates through typical job posting and search techniques
  • Receiving too many candidates from postings on your website and traditional job boards
  • Too few resources in your HR department to fill all of the openings within your organization

Sound like your organization? Contact us. We can help.