MEMSP Supplier Essentials

Thank you for your interest in serving the State of Maine as an IT Staff Augmentation Supplier.

Having provided the required documentation including the completed and signed Master Services Agreement, a properly outlined Certificate of Insurance, and a completed and signed W-9 form, you are now ready to complete the steps necessary for program enrollment.  If you have questions about the process, we invite you to contact for more information.

Please note that only MEMSP Program participating partners will have opportunity to service the State of Maine through the MEMSP Program for IT Staff Augmentation procurement services.

Next Steps

  1. Enroll in the MEMSP Program’s required Contractor Compliance Certification screening system.
  2. Register to attend an online program and technology training session.

1. Contractor Compliance Certification

Compliance with local, state and federal employment guidelines is imperative. For certification purposes, Knowledge Services utilizes Shield Screening to verify contractor compliance.

Use the Contractor Compliance Certification link (above) to access the Shield Screening setup form. Complete all segments to screen and to certify your organization and to verify policy compliance. All Screening for this program must be done via Shield Screen.

The following screenings are required for the State of Maine program:

  • In the Services section, Pre-employment Screening must be selected.
  • In the Data section, Criminal History must be selected.

No IT Temp Contractor can start at the State of Maine, or bill time to the State of Maine, without the required program pre-screening completed through the Shield Screen system.

If you have questions about or require assistance with the Shield Screening process, contact Kara Bailey with Shield Screening.

2. Supplier Training

On-line dotStaff™ Supplier Overview Training is available and attendance is encouraged.    

To register for an on-line training session, please contact:

Also available, and strongly recommended, is an on-line dotStaff™ Supplier Financial Training Session.  In this session, valuable information is covered about how to use the dotStaff™ technology to review and track invoicing, payments coming from the MEMSP, cash flow reports, and finance data exports.

Suppliers should make plans for an accounting representative to attend. Contact for registration arrangements.

Direct Questions To:
Maine MSP Program Team
Fax:  317.578.7600