Employer of Record (EOR) – Payrolling is a strategic staffing initiative implemented to provide additional cost savings, reduce employment risks and streamline payroll administration processes for contingent / contract / temporary resources and provide flexibility to clients when:

  • The client has pre-identified contingent resources without the assistance of a recruiting, staffing, consulting or any third party agency or organization.
  • A resource may have already worked for the client.
  • A resource may be an independent contractor (IC) / 1099.
    • As part of the EOR services, Knowledge Services ensures resources meet Federal IC / 1099 requirements.

Our outsourcing solutions include web-based or paper time tracking, weekly or biweekly payroll processing for tax withholdings and FICA, FUTA, SUI and other appropriate insurances, including Medicare and workers’ compensation insurance. Taxes are also simplified for organizations through our preparation and management of W2 statements and all Federal and State required tax reports.