EOR - Payrolling

Employer of Record (EOR) – Payrolling is a strategic staffing initiative implemented to provide additional cost savings, reduce employment risks and streamline payroll administration processes for contingent/contract/temporary resources and provide flexibility to clients when:

  • Client has pre-identified Contingent Resources, without the assistance of a Recruiting, Staffing, Consulting or any Third Party Agency or Organization
    • —Shorter Term Duration
    • Seasonal Workers
    • —Special Projects
    • Temp to Hire
  • Resource may have already worked for the Client
  • Resource may be an Independent Contractor (IC)/1099
    • As part of the EOR services, Knowledge Services ensures Resource meets Federal IC/1099 requirements
Client Benefits

By minimizing management distractions associated with contractor compliance and payroll processing, companies are better able to focus on core competencies and strategic issues while managing and motivating the team effectively.

  • Weekly payroll processing workload reduction
  • Streamlining all on-boarding and off-boarding processes while reducing costs and unexpected risks
  • Ensure all pre-employment screenings and compliance are achieved
  • Minimizing time, effort and complexities associated with learning, knowing and tracking federal/state tax, insurance, and other payrolling compliance requirements. Hourly bill rates are all encompassing and cover all required statutory taxes and costs, including but not limited to:
    • Any estimated taxes
    • Federal and State unemployment insurance taxes
    • Federal, State and Local income taxes
    • Federal social security payments
    • State disability insurance taxes
    • Workers compensation insurance

Also included is a dedicated Point of Contact/Employee Relations Coordination for Managers and Resources, consolidated collection and timekeeping, time approval, invoicing, and the cutting/distribution of all payroll checks and W2 statements for Resources.

Employee Benefits

All resources will have a dedicated, client specific Employee Relations Coordinator. The Employee Relations Coordinator will make initial contact with the resource prior to start date to facilitate the orientation and training. Our standard communication process is to follow up with all resources during the first week of employment with Knowledge Services and then once per month, at a minimum. As part of our process we track each time we follow up with a resource or attempt to follow up with a resource. This tracking also provides our Employee Relations Coordinator with the “schedule” for the resource’s next follow up.