Compliance Programs

There are many benefits to utilizing Independent Contractors, including:

  • Cost savings on benefits
  • Lower tax liabilities
  • Flexibility to grow or downsize
  • Ability to staff highly specialized talent based on project and market demands

Your company can also face significant liabilities if you don’t correctly classify and structure these contingent relationships.

When it comes to contingent labor liability, we are risk mitigation experts. Our model is built on methodologies that have been successful in a wide range of industries. In addition to eliminating potential co-employment issues, Knowledge Services’ comprehensive risk mitigation program features:

  • Implementation
  • Classification
  • Education
  • Contracting
  • Invoicing and Payment
  • Compliance
  • Reporting

Knowledge Services’ administrative documentation processes ensure non-exposure to co-employment risks.

1099 / Independent Contractor

Our IRS Independent Contractor verification testing ensures all vendors and contractors are legal businesses mitigating co-employment and 1099 IC risks to State.

OIG / GSA Validation

As risk mitigation experts, we help companies avoid paying hefty fines to the federal government by conducting a monthly screening of current employees, new hires and vendor employees against government sanctioned exclusion lists. This process checks for individuals who are excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid and all other federally funded healthcare programs because of having committed a program-related crime, such as healthcare fraud, patient abuse, neglect, substance abuse, etc. We then provide a report back to the organization, so they are equipped with the information they need to avoid being penalized.